At Transworld Education Consultants (TEC) wee provide overseas students higher education opportunities in Australia,Canada, North America and the UK with details of suitable courses available at a wide range of quality Universities and study institutions. Our primary objective is to match the individual needs and priorities of each student to the particular requirements of a suitable learning institution.


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To qualify for study abroad depends on few things. A student must have completed high school, to study abroad. Most universities and colleges would want to admit a student who has attained grade C- plan and above, for those students who aspire to study at undergraduate (degree) level. For those students who already got their degree (undergraduate), universities and colleges abroad will give admission to those students who has attained PASS and above.


For those students who wish to study at masters level (graduates study), will need to have cleared their first degree. Those who are willing to take doctorate or PhD must have completed their graduate studies and passed successful.

For students willing to attend technical colleges, they need to have some knowledge on the relevant course they are to take abroad. For exchange students; they need to be enrolled in a college or university at the time of application. On few occasion a student might want to study at high school level abroad, which is also an option. The prospective schools hold all the mandates to give an admission to an incoming student. Different schools will have very minimal differences on requirements set for admission. Most schools would want to know your educational background; they would want you to take the relevant exams. All the school would want you to demonstrate sufficient financial proof to support your studies abroad.

 We will be able to take you step by step, until you attend the school of your dream abroad. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment, as you begin your study abroad journey.

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