At Transworld Education Consultants (TEC) wee provide overseas students higher education opportunities in Australia,Canada, North America and the UK with details of suitable courses available at a wide range of quality Universities and study institutions. Our primary objective is to match the individual needs and priorities of each student to the particular requirements of a suitable learning institution.


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Universities in Canada

This is the oldest English-speaking University in Canada and one of the oldest public universities in North America. UNB traces its origins back to 1785. With over 200 years of teaching and producing quality graduates. It boasts of over 55,000 alumni from around the world in over 100 different countries - giving our university one of the largest and most diverse populations of international students in Canada.

The Mount is located just minutes from downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia and is recognized for its small class sizes and personalized approach to learning. A diverse mix of 4,000 women and men from across Canada and more than 50 countries take advantage of the Mount’s programs and unique sense of community through on-campus classes and distance learning opportunities.



Canadian Independent College (CIC) represents excellence in preparing students for entrance into Universities and Colleges throughout the world. CIC emphasizes the development of each student to his or her potential in terms of intellectual, ethical, physical, and social qualities. The well- qualified staff and administration are committed to academic excellence. Students are assisted with balancing academic, extracurricular and social pursuits within a disciplined and nurturing environment. 

The University of Alberta is a strong supporter of Campus Alberta. When the provincial government created Campus Alberta in 2002 the U of A took on an active leadership role promoting excellence, access and efficiency across Alberta’s post-secondary sector. Our leadership includes programming and research partnerships, as well as administrative collaborations. 



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